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Quality assurance

At Antonis Petrides & Son Construction Co Ltd, our goal is to provide the best possible quality in our projects, which will lead to customer satisfaction – the keystone of our growth and success. For this reason, quality is the primary element taken into consideration in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the operative methods used.
At the same time, every project we undertake comes with a commitment to combine the best quality with value for money, for the benefit of each customer.

Client satisfaction is reinforced by our Company’s faithful conformity to the agreed specifications. Ongoing on and off-site supervision ensures that these specifications are conscientiously implemented.

This is achieved thanks to our Company’s internal structure and operational system, our qualified personnel, our premises and facilities. Among other things, ample storage facilities allow us to secure the availability of high quality building materials, whether from the local market or from overseas.

All these factors combined enable us to monitor and control every aspect of our operation and every step of every process we follow, as well as the work and output of our subcontractors and collaborators.

To support our efforts we have implemented and maintain a Quality Management System, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Finally, we believe that close co-operation with our clients and the project designers in a spirit of mutual support and understanding is crucial to the success of any project.


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